For over fifteen years, Don Carr has investigated and written about America’s worst polluters from the gas fields of North Dakota to the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. His writing has been featured in Politico, Sierra Magazine, the Washington DC City Paper, the Huffington Post, Grist, Civil Eats and the Food and Environment Reporting Network.

Don has appeared on Fox News, the CBS Evening News, Bloomberg TV, and NPR. He’s also been a Senior Communications and Policy Advisor for the Environmental Working Group and a Senior Communications Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund.

Don became interested in environmental crime when a biofuel fraud whistleblower approached him with a wild story — the owners of an Indiana biofuel plant he worked at were stealing millions from a federal renewable fuels program. For 18 months, Don investigated what one EPA official called “the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the environment.”

Once his investigation was published, Don immersed himself in the world EPA special agents and environmental crime. After spending a month in southern Italy where he personally witnessed the burning of toxic waste on Mount Vesuvius, The Midnight Rambler was born. 

Don Carr author of the Midnight Rambler.