How to Blow Up a Pipeline Interview

How to Blow Up a Pipeline is a new film about extreme environmental activism. But it’s no preachy screed. Instead it’s an Ocean’s 11 style heist caper with something to say about the futility of watching the planet burn while fossil fuel companies continue to rake in record profits.

How to Blow Up a Pimple premiered back in November 2022 at the Toronto Film Festival and is going into wide release for Earth Day.

Matt Zoller Seitz writing at called it “one of the most original American thrillers in years”

Writing at Paste Magazine Jacob Oller said it was “absolutely electric filmmaking” and “It’s as satisfying as any good bank job, only it’s stealing a little bit more time on this planet from the companies looking to scorch the earth.”

I had the pleasure to speak with the team behind the film for an upcoming feature in Sierra Magazine. Director Daniel Goldhaber, editor Daniel Garber, screenwriter Jordon Sjol, and actress and screenwriter Ariela Barer.

We talked about challenges of making independent films, what activism looks like in a world of dwindling options, their favorite on-screen environmental heroes and much more.

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